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About the Code4YOUth Hackathon

The Code4YOUth Hackathon aims to spark creativity and confidence amongst youth, in a digital-first culture. Young people, need a safe and favorable space to brainstorm and try out new ideas. We will provide the environment to do just that. Our focus will be on areas that are relevant to you such as upgrading skills, employability, self-care, and accessibility. We invite you to come and co-create solutions for innovation and inclusive change.

In every track, we invite you to:

Think of the current process

Discover the pain points

Come up with ideas for solving the pain points

Develop creative prototypes of your solution

How Does it Work?

Step 2

Virtual Hackathon:

Submissions due by April 25th.

Hacking begins March 21st and ends April 25th. Starting on Feb. 7th, participants can begin forming teams, working on their project pages, and connecting with mentors to publish their solutions by the deadline. 

Step 1

Signup Today!

Register now and start working and engaging with mentors as soon as you sign up.

Choose from one of the 4 tracks. Remember, you can only submit one project to one of the 4 challenge tracks below.

Step 3

Virtual Finale

The virtual finale will be held on May 30th, 2023. The final teams selected by the judges will be able to present their solutions one last time before the winners are announced live! The finale date is subject to change.

Submission Requirements

After your team registers and creates a project page, be sure to include:

A complete and published project page. Required sections are clearly marked on the project page so that you don't miss them before publishing.

A 3-4 minute video that provides an overview of how your solution works. 

Supporting materials that explain how your solution works and the steps your team took to create it. This can be in the form of slide decks, screenshots, and any other written material that explains your solution.

The Challenge Tracks

Challenge #1: Digital Inclusivity

Everyone needs to be able to access the internet for e-learning, skills development, and general networking to continue to advance in their careers and personal lives. How can we continue to develop a digitally inclusive world and progress the subject of e-learning? Solutions that we are looking for include mobile and web applications, AI algorithms and bots, IoT devices, games and or community platforms.

Challenge #2: Skilling for Success

What skills do we need in the post-pandemic world? Today, digital learning is crucial for students and employees to learn the necessary skills for the job market. However, some communities do not have access to the necessary digital learning needed/required. The Skilling for Success track will focus on how we can narrow this gap to make digital learning available for anyone, while focusing on specific topics for digital learning that will be crucial. Below are example solutions that you can base your projects on, but please be open minded and feel free to utilize your own ideas.

Click here to view example solutions for this challenge!

Challenge #3: Mental Health

The importance of mental health, especially among youth, is being discussed openly and widely across the globe. Digital tools can have both positive and negative effects on mental health. For the Mental Health challenge track, we want participants to focus on solutions that improve the users mental health and provide them with clear next steps. Below are a few example solutions, but feel free to come up with your own ideas and talk to one of the hackathon mentors for validation.

Click here to view example solutions for this challenge!

Challenge #4: Accessibility

Accessibility is the design of products, services, vehicles, and buildings (environments) that can be used by persons with disabilities (PWD’s). For this challenge track, solutions should be focused on improving accessibility for PWD’s for everyday tasks that we take for granted. Traveling to a school, interacting with a website, using digital tools, etc. The resources section of the hackathon platform will have a list of disabilities to keep in mind so that your solution is inclusive and usable by a wide array of people with different disabilities. 

Click here to view example solutions for this challenge!


$25,000 total prize pool amount (USD)

First Place/Best Project

$10,000 USD

Second Runner Up

$4,000 USD

First Runner Up

$6,000 USD

4 Challenge Track Winners

$1,000 USD X 4

The remaining $1,000 will be allocated towards a "best use of technology" prize, or similar prize that will be announced soon.

Judging Criteria

Projects will be judged with the following submission criteria. As a reminder, projects must be submitted by April 25th, 2023, and you will not be able to edit your projects after this.


How helpful or useful would the solution be to impacted customers/users/communities/businesses/etc? Can the solution scale over time to have a further reach?

Technical Execution

How has the team effectively utilized the available technologies, and how advanced is the solution? How far does the team go to complete its intended architecture? Is the project demo-ready? MVP with limited features? Just a concept?


Is the project new and disruptive? Is the solution a unique solution to the challenges, or is it a reworked tool or solution already currently available?

Challenge Fit

How relevant is the solution to the challenges? Has the project solved every area of the selected challenge, or only one sub-point or specific problem?

Meet the Judging and Advisory Panel

To bring the best ideas to life, we have put together a diverse team of jury, technology enthusiasts. academicians, subject matter experts and more who can lend their experience and views to enhance ideas in key challenge areas around digital inclusion.

Agathe Bousquet

President Publicis


Andy Packham

Chief Architect &

Senior Vice President

Microsoft Business, HCLTech

Dr. Raphael Boemelburg

Post-Doctoral Researcher

University of St.Gallen

Jnanendra Prasad Sarkar

Director of Technology

NIQ, Pune, India

Leila Grison

Manager, Diversity & Inclusion

Publicis, France

Lisa Malbernard

Managing Director

Publicis Sapient, France

Luca Dell'Orletta

Global Head Tech Innovation

Nestlé Group

Meike Kocholl

Founder & CEO


Dr. Naveen Kumar Malik

Strategy & Venturing


Ramesh Natajaran

Director of Technology

NIQ, Chennai India

Sabine Roduit

Senior Vice President / Head of Information Technology


Silke Mischke

Co-Program Director IECC, Lecturer & Senior Executive Coach


Sylvain Bellier

Executive Vice President & Co Directeur

Général Epsilon France

Gautam Jha

Doctoral Researcher 

Cambridge Service


Ahmed Soliman

Lead Key Strategic

Initiatives and GTMs


Jack Porter

Nestlé Client Partner

BT Switzerland

Justin Spelhaug

VP for Tech for Social



Joanna Fowler

Global IT

Sustainable Manager


Vikrant Bhan

Group Head Analytics

Data and Integration


Sudha Gurlahosur

Regional Lead INDIA

India Technology Centre

BASES Global Product Leadership

Deepti Samant Raja

Global Disability

Advisor’s Office

World Bank Group

Sunamika Singh

Program Officer,

Youth Employment

World Bank Group

Amil Hasanbegovic

Product Designer


Oscar Gil

Global Innovation Manager


Achyut Chandra

Sr. Manager and Lead

Open Innovation

HCL Tech

Gaurav Majumdar

Lead- Skill

Development & Livelyhood 


Sushruta Chandraker


White & Case

Aline Caillet

Lead- Finance Director Global Large Accounts 


Conor Quinn

Head of Sales

Nestlé Account

BT Switzerland


Registration Opens!

Hackathon Kick-off Webinar

Team Formation Webinar

Webinars: More webinars will be announced soon!

Project Submission: Projects must be complete and published, judging begins.

Judging Ends: Judging timeline may be extended. 

Winners Announcement! 

Jan. 24

Mar. 21

TBA Soon

TBA Soon

Apr. 25

May 22

May 30

Benefits of Participation

Collaborate digitally with others around the world to solve unique challenges related to digital inclusion.

Work with mentors from HCLTech, Microsoft, Nestle, Global Alliance for Youth, Publicis, and more to build the best possible project. 

Have a chance at winning a piece of the $25,000 prize pool

Certificate upon submitting a completed project

Who Should Participate

Data Scientists

Cloud Developers

Enterprise Developers


Anyone passionate about digital inclusion!

*Those who participate may compete on their own, or with a maximum of 5 team members total (1-5 people total per team).

Teams may only submit 1 solution for the Code4YOUth Hackathon.

Organizers & Partners


Reach out to the BeMyApp team for any registration, hackathon platform or support questions!

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